Palau Company

Palau company is specialized in the design and production of thermoformable ski boot liners.

Including its joint programs with ski boot manufacturers, Palau is a leading provider of technical Touring, Alpine, Telemark, Mountaineering or snowboarding boot liners for aftermarket.

Palau is offering to customers  a  full  range of  innovating and  high  quality  100 % EVA custom ski boot liners for upgrading, boot fitting or replacement solutions.

In 2013 Palau is proud of 65 years of existence in Mountain field production.

In 1946, Alfred Palau starts the manufacturing of mountain, ski or ski/climbing leather boots.  


Around the late 50‘s Palau introduces the injected polyurethane technologies for plastic shells in its production opening new ways in ski boot fields.


The Brand Skipal is born in the early 70’s.


Skipal has been an innovative ski boot brands in France.

One year later, Palau developed and introduced a patented injected foam liner.





The conversion is done and brings Palau to be the leading injected ski boot liners manufacturer.

Shortly, Trappeur, Weinman, Rossignol, Salomon or Dynafit were some of the ski brands dealing with Palau.

 In the 80’s, the Swiss Company Raichle started with Palau a significant collaboration and a longtime partnership in the providing of spare parts and Pu foam Liners.

In 1992, Palau Company turns from injected liners to thermoformable liners.

Palau brings to Raichle the opportunity to break through the ski boot market with its 
Thermoflex liner.

 In the 90’s, the growing demand in snowboard and ski boot adaptation brought Palau Company to deal with brands such Emery, Rossignol, Deeluxe, Sidas conformable, Lowa or Dynafit.

1998, Palau patented an innovating system of multi-part tongue liner opening the capacity to mix several type of density and thicknesses.

In 2000, the Company Scarpa and Garmont starting integrating Palau thermo liners on their range. This was a revolution for Alpine touring world. 

The thermo liners are light, warmth and comfortable.
Added to Palau patent they provide also a large setup fitting solutions.

With the influx of lightweight race gear on the market, Palau has launch new walk mode constructions based on its patent, improving flex backwards and allowing the user to fully engage the large range of motion that most race walk modes provide.

Our products are intended to help skiers to continually improve their performance, and go ever further.

Palau liners are produced in France in respect of environmental regulations.

We only use in our production high quality REACH Compliant fabrics, foams from CE origin.

Our products are made for every skiers or climbers looking for

lightness, warmth and performance.

For Expert Mountain ski boot companies or professional boot fitters

Get always a step beyond, with Palau ski boot liners.

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